Student Counseling Service

The student counseling service consists of a Senior Student Counselor and four other student counselors. All the student counselors are members of the Academic Staff.

The students can meet a student counselor regarding any problem and get necessary assistance.

The student counseling service does not only provide assistance to students with their academic problems. The primary duty of the panel of student counselors is to listen attentively to the prevailing problems of the students and maintaining the confidentiality of personal information, while assisting the students to better their university life.  The panel of student counselors will help the students in organizing subject related activities and extra-curricular activities.

The student counseling service of this Institute consists of the following academic staff members.

Senior Student Counselor

Dr.P.Witharana (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

Student Counselors

Dr.W.M.B.Weerasooriya(Senior Lecturer Grade I)

Dr.J.T.R.Jayakody(Senior Lecturer Grade II)

Dr. J.A.D.P.P. Jayakody (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

Dr.H.S.Shakunthala(Senior Lecturer Grade II)
D.S.A.M.S.(GWAV)MD(Ayur) (KLN)

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