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Ayurveda Cakrawarti Pandith G.P. Wickramarachchi


“To become a centre of excellence in Education, Research and Outreach in Ayurvedic Medicine and Allied Sciences ”


“To produce young men and women who possess knowledge and skills in Ayurvedic Medicine and allied sciences with enthusiasm, initiative, and wisdom in healthcare provision to the society nationally and globally, and to engage in basic and applied research and dissemination of research information with the dual objectives of advancing core knowledge in Ayurvedic Medical Sciences and serving research and development needs of the society."



GWAI received the approval from the CCIM


Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute,
Kandy Road, Yakkala 11807,
Sri Lanka.

Tel  +94 33-2222748, +94 2222740,
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Ensuring safety of University Students, Staff and Protection of property

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* ආයුර්වේද චක්‍රවර්තී පණ්ඩිත ජී.පී වික්‍රමාරච්චි ශ්‍රිමතාණන්ගේ ගුණානුස්මරණය අරමුණු කරගනිමින් 2019.03.30 වන දින ශ්‍රී පාදය වන්දනා කරන බැතිමතුන් සදහා නල්ලතන්නිය රතු පාලම අසල වෙන්ඩෝල් විශ්‍රාම ශාලාවේදී ආයුර්වේද වෛද්‍ය සායනයක් සහ ඔසු පැන් සංග්‍රහයක් වික්‍රමාරච්චි වෛද්‍ය ශිෂ්‍ය සංගමය ප්‍රමුඛ 16 වන උපාධි අපේක්ෂක කණ්ඩායම විසින් සාර්ථකව පවත්වන ලදි.


* A guest lecture on "Diabetes Retinopathy, Glaucoma & Cataract" was held on 25 th March 2019; Organized by Dept. of Shalya Shalakya

* A free Ayurveda Medical Clinic and a Health Awareness Programme were conducted in the Sarananda Piriven premises in Anuradhapura on Wednsday,20th March 2019

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