The First International Conference of the Shalakya Tantra – ‘Shalakya Sandipani – 2017’

Organized by Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute (GWAI), University of Kelaniya in collaboration with The Association of Shalaki (TAS) India, the first international conference on Shalakya Tantra, “Shalakya Sandipani -2017”, was successfully held at GWAI from 15th to 17th September 2017.

The prime objective of the conference, under its central theme -'Recent Advances in Shalakya Tantra ', was to facilitate a forum for exchange of ideas, concepts, research work and reflections that address local needs and global issues in the field of Shalakya Tantra. It also aimed at creating a platform for Shalakis to discover their voice and realize their strength to make a positive contribution in this specialized field.

The conference was organized by Dept.of Shalya Shalakya of GWAI, and the inauguration ceremony was conducted on 15th September 2017 at Amaya Green Hotel, Weerangula, Yakkala, Sri Lanka under the patronage of the acting Vice Chancellor of University of Kelaniya, Professor Bimali Jayewardene and the Guest of Honor Professor Vd.K.S.Dhiman, Director General, CCRAS, New Delhi, India. The Guests' addresses were preceded by addresses from a number of reputed dignitaries and a cultural programme featuring our national heritage.

The conference took a pioneering look at Shalkaya Tantra with a particular focus on its modern utility. It provided a platform for dissemination of knowledge and latest development in this discipline across international academic fraternity. In fact, it provided a common forum for Ayurveda researchers, modern scientists, Ayurveda practitioners and other scholars to present their latest research findings, ideas, developments and applications on Shalakya Tantra.

During the period of 03 days, a total of 85 presentations, consisting of presented papers and posters, were conducted in 9 sessions together with 09 keynotes and 10 guest lectures.

The conference quickly became a force in the development of the field of Shalakya Tantra. Therefore, it is fair to comment that the conference was a great success! So many people have contributed in so many ways to turn this event into a smoothly running one with many very interesting presentations and posters and a very good atmosphere for discussion.

The organizing committee gratefully acknowledges all those who contributed in numerous ways to make the symposium a success

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Inauguration Ceremony and Cultural Show

The scientific sessions on 16th September 2017

The scientific sessions on 17th September 2017

Poster Presentations

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